PASTLIVES was the final presentation of the first chapter of the SasaHara Past Lives. The exhibition took place in ISO Amsterdam as a part of the program of UNSEEN Amsterdam 2022, between the 13/09/2022 and the 01/01/2022. It gathered the six stories that constitute the first book of the SasaHara Past Lives saga, and has been the physical place allowing these stories to merge together through an installation acting as a set for the PASTLIVES performance. The exhibition also hosted a party co-organized by SasaHara and the Berlin-based medieval fantasy rave organizer Mordorkore, exploring an interactive worldbuilding format where the public of the party inhabits the installation and brings it to life through their dance moves and fooling around.

ISO, Amsterdam - 13/09/2022 to 01/10/2022

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The SASAHARA PAST LIVES exhibition at Club cHurch took place between the 5th of May 2022 and the 30th of June 2022. It showcased the five first stories of the saga in the format of comic strips, one of them also being presented in a performance revisiting the tradition of oral storytelling. Each presented story is a past life of SasaHara, who acts as a catalyst for previous untold queer lives and creates drag characters embodying these memories. The character of each story is then documented with visual work in collaboration with another maker. SASAHARA PAST LIVES digs in the power of fantasy to connect fetish culture, queer experience, and myth, in the Club cHurch where the drag of SasaHara was born, thanks the House of Hopelezz.

Club ChUrch, Amsterdam - 05/05/2022 to 30/06/2022

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The exhibition UN/FEEL was proposed in March 2022 at Bario, Amsterdam. Bario is an inclusive space centred around a bar and a gallery space, with the objective of proposing an all-inclusive safe space for queers and BIPOCs. Through their gallery space they propose exhibitions and pop events focused around community-building. UN/FEEL gathered the works of Sarah Ben, Levi Jacobs, Alexandra Chargeshvili and the very first presentation of the SasaHara Past Lives. The show tackled trauma experiences and our ways to process them, and eventually progress.

Bar Bario, Amsterdam - March 2022

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